Laboratory for the ion beams modification of materials

Light and heavy ion irradiation for materials modification at FAMA facility

Ionic source of positive and negatively charged light ions, AEA Technology, Abingdon, Great Britain.

The contribution of the laboratory for the modification of materials with ion beams is based on the irradiation of materials primarily nanostructured powders of metal and complex hydrides and transition metal oxides, as well as their composites with light ions of low energy ( keV energy range). Modification of thin films on a hydrated basis will also be done. This modification is significant because of the changes in the surface layer of materials that have a crucial influence on the thermodynamics and the desorption reaction kinetics. It should also be noted that, by changing the energy and flux of the incident beam, the defects can be deposited to the desired depth in the material.

This source makes it possible to obtain the following ionic types: H-, H +, H2 +, H3 +, D-, D +, D2 +, D3 +, and He +, in keV energy range (extraction voltage 20-30 kV). The ion source together with the interaction chamber allows for homogeneous irradiation / modification of the material.


Dr. Srđan Petrović
Dr Petar Beličev
Dr Marko Erić
Nikola Starčević
Milivoje Hadžijojić